Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani

Title: Omnilogos (The Omnilogos Series, #1)
Author: Michele Amitrani
Published: October 4, 2014 by Michele Amitrani
Genre: Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Rating: 3 Stars
With the departure of the Space Shuttle Atlantis an era comes to its end. The crowd follows the trail of light that dominates Cape Canaveral, but only one of them will be struck by a revelation. 

Wei is a six-year-old boy when he watches the departure. He’s different from the other children. A mind that is at once, isolated and rebellious, bright and restless. These characteristics make him understand the message that eludes others. 

Humanity has come to a dead end, a corner of history that leaves no escapes and the departure of the Atlantis is a concrete proof of that. 

This truth will never abandon Wei, who decides to embark on a dangerous journey, using his skills to start a titanic project capable of reversing this trend. 

His quest will last for decades, while he gathers the resources and the people needed to realize his vision. Among machinations and conspiracies, the nature of his project will be slowly revealed along with the nameless force that threatens to destroy everything he fought for. 

This is Wei’s story. 

This is the world of the Omnilogos.

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I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Thanks Michele!

*Isn't that cover AMAZING?*

 My Thoughts 
Omnilogos is one of those books that is so hard to review because you really have to read it to begin to understand what it's about.

Wei Wang is the Omnilogos.

"Tiago had heard of what some called the 'human database' or 'omnilogos', but nothing could have prepared him for this."

The story begins with a six-year-old Wei and ends with a twenty-five-year-old Wei so it covers a lot of time and it was one of the things that kind of frustrated me. I understand that to be able to accomplish what Wei was planning that we'd have to have the story cover that much time but I had trouble keeping with the story as this went on. I also understand the need for changing POVs but I would have loved for it to be have stayed with Wei, to see his changes firsthand from the quiet and angry kid to the feisty teen and adult. Omnilogos definitely keeps you guessing as to what Wei is up to as you read.

"I am a collector of hopes and peregrine truths, a shepherd of thoughts, ideas, projects and dreams too important not to be realized. I'm an abstract concept that has no body, no smell, no boundaries, no shape and no color. I am the omnilogos."

It's hard to say much without giving the book away but it is a short and original read and that ending caught me off-guard, I did not see that coming! Made me a little sad, made me a little happy.
So, Omnilogos has a smidgen of romance and a lot of heart and is perfect for sci-fi fans.

 About the Author 
Michele Amitrani is a young indie author from Rome, the "Eternal City." He has grown up reading and watching virtually everything concerning Sci-fi and Fantasy. He now spends his days traveling through time and space and, more often than not, writing about impossible but necessary worlds.

As strange as this may sound, he still believes in dreams and quiet places.

When he is not busy chasing dragons or mastering the Force, you can find him at or hanging out on Facebook at /MicheleAmitraniAuthor.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Eventide by Daniel Beazley

Title: Eventide (The Sepherene Chronicles, #1)
Author: Daniel Beazley
Published: November 1st 2014 by Daniel Beazley
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Religious, Adult/Young Adult
Rating: 4 Stars
Held within the soft embrace of semi-consciousness upon a strange world, Lucius can barely hear the argument that rages over his fate. Little does he know they're the voices of angels and that he is about to be pulled into an ancient struggle of epic proportions where more than his own destiny will hang in the balance. 
In a time where religion has become no more than a convenient commodity and fallen angels bask within their god-like existence upon the mortal planes, can Lucius find the courage and will to see him through the trials that have now been laid before him? And will his newfound companion always be there to shine her light along the way? 
Eventide is the first instalment in The Sepherene Chronicles, a tale of unity and righteous endeavour where adversity lurks in every shadow and the line between good and evil becomes ever more blurred. 

I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Thanks Daniel!

 My Thoughts 
Usually I don't have much luck with angel books besides Thomas E. Sniegoski's The Fallen novels and Lauren Kate's Fallen novels. Eventide is now the best angel story I've ever read. It mixes fantasy and sci-fi together to create a new and fantastic setting.
Lucius Gavalas has an angel inside of him, Sepherene, who is out to put an end to other fallen angels believing that she will be accepted back if she succeeds. Lucius is the poor soul who ends up having his body used as Sepherene fights the fallen and he has the scars to prove it. We don't learn a lot about him in this book but what we do is that he's a haunted man and he's fought addiction, using to dull the pain of his past.
I really enjoyed Eventide. This is the first story I've read from Beazley and it won't be the last. The writing is smooth and the action scenes wonderfully detailed. This is a short read and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger but I wasn't upset by that, it worked with what was happening.
So, if you're into sci-fi, fantasy or a good angel story this is the book for you.

 Favorite Quote 
"The man's indifference had lit an anger within Lucius that he'd never been able to extinguish. As he got older, even the hard spirits and powdered spice hadn't managed to dampen the burn. His torment had always remained, even when the effects of the drug-induced oblivion wore off."

 About the Author 
Daniel Beazley was born and raised in the South West of England. He began writing in 1996 whilst spending some time in the sunny climes of Sicily. This continued periodically whilst working in the Army and then the Police; living in various parts of the country as well as overseas.
Daniel now lives with his family in the rural countryside of Devon.