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Showcase Sunday #7

Showcase Sunday is hosted by Vicky over at Books, Biscuits and Tea. We share what swag or books we've bought, received or gotten from the library. For more information visit Vicky's Showcase Sunday post.

I have a ton to share this week that I've bought over the past couple of weeks so prepare yourselves.

 Swag I received from the wonderful Tiffany King.
Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith

 Newbies by James A. Moore

 Vacation Goodies 
by Brigid Kemmerer

by Mayu Shinjo

 Black Bird, Vol. 1 (Black Bird, #1) by Kanoko Sakurakouji

by Sherrilyn  Kenyon

As you can see, I completely forgot Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely, #2) so yeah, I had one of my moments.

 Owl bookmark my mom got for me. She knows me so well!

 Wolf bookmark I found on vacation.

 This Week's Goodies 
by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Finally got a case for my Kindle Paperwhite! I lucked out because it was pretty cheap and had owls on it. :D

What Really Happened in Peru (The Bane Chronicles, #1) by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

I absolutely loved Magnus and Ragnor in this!


So that's my Showcase Sunday for this week. What did you receive?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: What Really Happened in Peru by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

There are good reasons Peru is off-limits to Magnus Bane. Follow Magnus’s Peruvian escapades as he drags his fellow warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss into trouble, learns several instruments (which he plays shockingly), dances (which he does shockingly), and disgraces his host nation by doing something unspeakable to the Nazca Lines.

 My Review 
Magnus, Magnus, Magnus...

The first book of The Bane Chronicles, What Happened in Peru follows a few of my favorite warlock's adventures and shenanigans in Peru where Mr. Bane has his fellow warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss along for the ride. The book takes us to Peru in 1791, 1885, 1890 and 1962.
In his journeys Magnus drags Ragnor on a rain forest adventure which wouldn't be complete without a monkey encounter before they end up on the high seas and another year the three warlocks end up as wanted criminals. We learn that Magnus took up the charango and meet one of his past lovers. Of course this wouldn't be complete without drunk Magnus and enchanted carpets (take from that what you will).
With all of Magnus' funny and serious moments you're in for a nice treat. A must-read for all Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments fans!


 Favorite Quotes 

"I thought it would be nice to start in the capital. Besides, I've been here before," Magnus said. "About fifty years ago. I had a lovely time, aside from the earthquake that almost swallowed the city."
"Did you have something to do with that earthquake?"
"Ragnor," Magnus reproached his friend. "You cannot blame me for every little natural disaster that happens!"

"I will find you," Ragnor told him. "I will find whatever chest of absurd clothes you have. And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make sure that it urinates on everything you possess."

Moreover, I wish to assure both of you that I did not make any amorous advances on female monkeys." He paused and winked. "I didn't actually see any, so I never got the chance."

"Magnus, Ragnor, I heard a cat making a most unearthly noise," she exclaimed. "From the sound of it, the poor creature must be direly sick. You have to help me find it!"
Ragnor immediately collapsed with hysterical laughter on his windowsill. Magnus stared at Catarina for a moment, until he saw her lips twitch.
"You are conspiring against me and my art," he declared. "You are a pack of conspirators."

"Gracious," Magnus said. "I progressed to full hallucinations? It's official. That sounds like . . . almost the most drunk I have ever been. Please don't ask questions about the most drunk I have ever been. It's a very sad story involving a birdcage."

Magnus tried to escape several times, and had to be forcibly restrained. Later Catarina and Ragnor liked to act out the time he tried to take the guinea pigs with him, reportedly shouting "Freedom!" and "I am your leader now."

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 About the Authors 
Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books. Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction. She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller. Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts.

Sarah Rees Brennan is Irish and currently lives in Dublin. For a short stint, she lived in New York and became involved with a wide circle of writers who encouraged and supported her, including Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. She has developed a wide audience through her popular blog,, where she writes movie parodies, book reviews and some stories.


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