Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: When Gold was Black by Michele Amitrani

Title: When Black was Gold (The Story of How Fossil Fuels Forever Changed Humankind and Planet Earth)
Author: Michele Amitrani
Published: April 27th 2016 by Michele Amitrani
Genre: Sci-fi, Enviroment, Adult
Rating: 4 Stars
Hiroto Takahashi is one of the most popular living ecopols on Earth, a man who has dedicated his entire existence to harmonizing the needs of our civilization, and the needs of our planet. 

His job is to nurture a sustainable and long lasting relationship between mankind and nature. A man whose innovative ideas saved the planet from itself at a time of need. Real, sound solutions that forever solved and satiated the problems of global warming. 

Invited as the main guest on Centuries, one of the most popular TV shows on Earth, the ecopol answers some of the toughest questions regarding the survival of our planet. He addresses the concerns of pollution, the plummet in energy supplies, cutting edge eco-technology, the relationship between population and environment, renewable energy, city planning and the doom our species faced at the beginning of the 21st century and how we avoided it. 

Welcome to Centuries.

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*Received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*
Thanks, Michele!

My Thoughts
I think When Gold was Black is one of those stories that everyone should read at least once in their lives and then truly take a moment to think about what it means for us and the future of our world. It may be a short story but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch.

I don't often read much in the sci-fi genre but a story by Michele is a must-read and Amitrani always writes about such interesting characters and subjects, things I don't read about as often as I should.

Overall, I enjoyed When Gold was Black a lot. It's a thought-provoking story and I always love Amitrani's take on what the future might be like.

About the Author
Michele Amitrani is a young self-published author living in beautiful British Columbia. He has grown up writing of falling empires, space battles, mortal betrayals, monumental decisions and everything in between.
He now spends his days traveling through time and space and, more often than not, writing about impossible but necessary worlds.
Omnilogos is Michele’s debut novel and the prologue of an action packed Sci-Fi saga drenched with what some has called the sense of awe typical of Asimov’s Foundation series.
His previous Sci-Fi short story, ‘When Gold was Black’, has been praised as ‘powerful’, ‘intense and inspiring’, ‘really well-written’, and ‘original’.
When Michele is not busy chasing dragons or mastering the Force, you can find him at or hanging out on Facebook at /MicheleAmitraniAuthor.