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Review: Bloodrush by Ben Galley

Title: Bloodrush (The Scarlet Star Trilogy, #1)
Author: Ben Galley
Published: December 16th 2014 by
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Rating: 4 Stars
“Magick ain’t pretty, it ain’t stars and sparkles. Magick is dirty. It’s rough. Raw. It’s blood and guts and vomit. You hear me?”

When Prime Lord Hark is found in a pool of his own blood on the steps of his halls, Tonmerion Hark finds his world not only turned upside down, but inside out. His father's last will and testament forces him west across the Iron Ocean, to the very brink of the Endless Land and all civilisation. They call it Wyoming.

This is a story of murder and family.

In the dusty frontier town of Fell Falls, there is no silverware, no servants, no plush velvet nor towering spires. Only dust, danger, and the railway. Tonmerion has only one friend to help him escape the torturous heat and unravel his father’s murder. A faerie named Rhin. A twelve-inch tall outcast of his own kind. 

This is a story of blood and magick.

But there are darker things at work in Fell Falls, and not just the railwraiths or the savages. Secrets lurk in Tonmerion's bloodline. Secrets that will redefine this young Hark.

This is a story of the edge of the world.

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I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Thanks Ben!

 My Thoughts 
I have to start off by saying that Bloodrush has one of the most original storylines that I have ever read.

"Welcome to the wild west, he thought. Last stop before Hell."

The story follows thirteen year-old Tonmerion Hark, Merion for short. The story begins in London, where we learn Merion's father has been murdered and Merion's life is again turned upside down as he learns he's to be sent to America to live with his aunt until he's old enough to take over his father's estate. Tonmerion and his friend Rhin the faerie soon make their way across the Iron Ocean to Fell Falls, Wyoming. The frontier town is a drastic change to what Merion is used to and he isn't a bit happy to be there or with his Aunt Lilain, the local undertaker. We also meet Lurker the prospector and his magpie Jake.

I don't want to give the entire story away but I just have to mention the rushing. Merion learns he's a Bloodrusher as his father was which means he has the ability to drink blood from an animal or creature and take on some of the abilities from them. It was amazing how many kinds of shades there were to learn of and as I said I don't think I've ever heard of a story like that.

I also love that it has a western setting, I don't read westerns so this was a nice compromise. It's a great new setting for me and the railwraith creatures were scary fun and the Shohari were an interesting lot.

Overall, I loved everything about this book. Sometimes I wanted to thump Merion for the things he did but you can't help but love him and I really want to see Lurker and Lilain get together! I would recommend Bloodrush to anyone who loves amazing characters (Lurker was my favorite), magick, and some mystery thrown in.

 Favorite Quotes 
"Hearts are treacherous things. At times they can beat so proudly it feels as though they will burst from your rib cage at any moment. They can drum a tune to run to, or fight to, or love to. But they are not to be trusted, for every heart will skip or slump, sickeningly so, and always when you need it not to."

"It was his first acceptance of failure, of frailty and the inexorable. He hated himself in that moment. But hate can make men, and thirteen-year-old boys, do marvellous things."

 About the Author 
Ben Galley is a best-selling purveyor of tall tales and dark fantasy from the UK. He is the author behind the gritty and epic Emaneska Series, as well as the upcoming western fantasy series, the Scarlet Star Trilogy.

Aside from writing and dreaming up lies to tell his readers, Ben works as a self-publishing consultant and Guardian Masterclass tutor, helping fellow authors from all over the world to publish and sell books. His guide Shelf Help will tell you all you need to know about DIY self-publishing.

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Book Bird Goodies #7

Meet Magnus, my little Book Bird Reviews mascot.
Instead of doing a Showcase Sunday or anything, I've decided to just post any book goodies myself.

Allegiant (Divergent, #3) by Veronica Roth
Burned (Fever, #7)by Karen Marie Moning
Fancy Pants (Only in Gooding, #1) by Cathy Marie Hake

The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl, #3) by Eoin Colfer
Labyrinth (Languedoc, #1) by Kate Mosse

The Sacred Veil (Thirst, #5) by Christopher Pike
Won this from Steph @ Bookfever!

 For Review 
Bloodrush (The Scarlet Star Trilogy, #1) by Ben Galley