Thursday, August 30, 2012

Character Interview: Ace Remedy

I am very excited to be able to interview Ace Remedy from Prophecy of the Most Beautiful today! Diantha Jones was nice enough to let me borrow him for a bit.

Thank you for stopping by Book Bird Reviews today Ace. Before we start though I have a message for you from a wonderful friend of mine. Stephanie from Bookfever says hi. *smiles*
Oh yeah, Stephanie. My bro told me abou' her. Cute thing, he said she is. Is there like, a secret society of cute bloggers or somethin'? 'Cause we're two-for-two for bloggin' cuties right now. *smiles*

So Ace, can you tell us a little about your tattoo?
The tat. Hmm, not much to say abou' it. It's part tribute to my Da, part tribute to Strafford, I guess. I know a face tat is a bold statement and all, but I'm proud of who I am. And I want everyone who looks me in the eyes to know it.

What's your favorite kind of music?
*pulls a pair of drumsticks from back pocket* Anythin' with a beat, wan. *taps out a rythym* But I prefer music tha' could possibly start a riot.

Are you single?
*stops drumming and smiles* Why? Are you in the market? *chuckles* I'm single, wan, and unfortunately, I'm not sure how much more lovin' our fraternity can take. Strafford and Chloe have gotten bloody nauseatin'. All the sweet looks and smiles. I gag often.

What type of girl do you like?

*grins* You mean, do I like mortal girls? O' course I do, wan. I like ALL girls. Usually I go for nymphs though. The Dryads, tree nymphs, are my favorite 'cause they're feisty. I like 'em feisty. *winks*

How would you spend your perfect day?
My perfect day would definitely involve swords and blood. A good fight always gets me going. But in the event tha' there are a lack of idiots willin' to duel me, I like chillin' out with Strafford, doing bro stuff. I mean, he's not really a hang-out kind of fella, but he doesn't mind havin' me around, I guess.
*looks down* Things have been hard for him. For all of us, really. Before Chloe came along, I couldn' recall the last time he'd smiled or seemed happy. So I guess, every day tha' I see my big bro smile is the perfect day.
*looks up; grins wickedly* But in the strong likelihood tha' Strafford is pissed off on my perfect day, a day-long make-out session with one of the cute bloggers from your secret society would do jus' fine.

*blushes and clears throat* That's great to know Ace. Ladies? I call dibs on Ace make-out sessions.


I would like to send a big thank you out to Diantha for letting me chat with Ace. I had a blast and hope to have him again soon.
You can check out Prophecy of the Most Beautiful on Goodreads and make sure you add it to your shelves. You can also read my review here.


  1. You better watch out for this one, Jenn. =)

    1. He's so much fun and I can't quit blushing. :)

  2. Ace! Hi! :D Love the interview, Jenn! Especially the last question. Very um interesting. ;D Oh, he's so flirty! :]

    1. We are so awesome now. We have a secret society. :P

    2. Ace's Secret Society of Bloggin' Cuties =)


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