Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Emerge by S.E. Hall

 About the Book 
Emerge (Evolve Series, #1)
Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern tomboy who lets few get too close, using her sarcastic zingers to deflect. She also has no idea how others view her, Evan having protected and coveted her since they were children. But college puts a gap between Laney and Evan that neither of them were prepared for- old relationships are tested, new ones are formed and nothing will ever be the same.
Especially when in walks one Dane Kendrick, not at all the familiar, southern charmer of home, but an animal all his own.
A story of growing up, friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love...and life.

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 My Thoughts 
Emerge centers around tomboy Laney Walker as she discovers love for the first time and makes her way to college. Falling for Evan, her best friend since they were ten, Laney is swept up in a quick romance and soon they're heading off to different colleges. Laney meets Dane and they become close as she and Evan struggle with a long-distance relationship.
I enjoyed the first half or so of Emerge but felt that Laney was wishy-washy, always saying she didn't want to hurt anyone but instead of being honest to start off with, there are plenty of hurt feelings. Also, to me she had already made her choice about who she wanted and was just stringing them both along and she was self-centered.
Character-wise I didn't care for Laney, Evan or Dane a lot but I loved Laney's college friends, Sawyer, Zach, Tate and Bennett.
Overall Emerge was an okay read for me, the story was decent but I just couldn't stand the actions of the main characters.



 About the Author 
S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 17 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading YA and NA romance.

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