Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Wants of an Incubus by Ashley Hill

Title: Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare, #1)
Author: Ashley Hill
Published: November, 19, 2013 by Ashley Hill
Genre: Paranormal, Erotica, New Adult
Rating: 3 Stars
Read Count: 1
Synopsis: Nineteen year old Annabelle hasn’t seen her boyfriend in months, let alone heard his own voice. One night her emotions take over and she can’t help but think of him. When sleep comes, so does her boyfriend. But it’s only a dream, right? 

Deep down, she knows that this one night stand with the love of her life is but a dream. However the next morning she’s in for a shock.

Those nagging feelings she had while with her dream Henry may have been real, telling her that that dream might actually have been a nightmare after all. A nightmare where she may have bonded her soul to a creature that goes bump in the night.

With the help of her mother, who’s a witch by the way and in more ways than one, her talking cat and her unwanted desires towards the nightmare that looks like her Henry, Annabelle will have to defeat the demon that has now crept into her life. 

Readers 18+ for sexual content.

 My Thoughts 
Wants of an Incubus is pretty short at 40 pages but it was a fun way to pass the time. Annabelle misses her boyfriend who is away, so when she has a sexy dream about him that feels pretty real, she doesn't think much of it. Even as she catches glimpses of something sinister pretending to be her boyfriend she figures it's just her imagination but she soon learns that she's been with an incubus and that they're now bonded.
Overall, this wasn't an absolute favorite for me but I loved that it was an incubus story, which I haven't read a lot of but it was an interesting creature choice. The story is fast-paced and there is a talking cat, which is just the coolest in my book so I can't wait to check out the next in the series.

*Thanks to Ashley Hill for my review copy!*

 About the Author 
In the last year I’ve discovered the dreams I had aren’t what I really want. I wanted to open a book store but in reality I’d rather spend my time writing them instead of going to school to learn how to sell them.
I’ve learnt that finding a job is great but finding one you have a true passion for is so much better. So instead of trying to go for the norm I’m working hard on kick starting my writing career now instead of later.
I’ve also found a new dream, my boyfriend. He motivates and supports me to no end, he brings me to life in a way I didn’t think possible. Now I’m accomplishing the impossible with the most amazing guy by my side.
All you really need to know is that I’m stubborn and will go after my dreams even though all odds are against me, even though I don’t have everyone’s full support. It’s just one more thing that motivates me.


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