Sunday, May 31, 2015

Shade Series Read-Along (#ShadeReadAlong)

Team Kilt put together one heck of a Shade series read-along marathon a few years back and we’re about to put all their hard work to good use again.

During the month of June, a bunch of us are going to read (or re-read) ShadeShiftShine, Bridgeand Shattered together.

This isn’t a formal event by any means, just a bunch of fans that miss the Shade world. Hope you’ll join us!

Created by Judy G.

Here’s a suggested reading schedule to keep you on track to complete the entire series during the month of June.  You certainly don’t have to follow this, but we’ll share a special post about each section on the days listed on this schedule.
Watch the #ShadeReadAlong hashtag on Twitter to see these special posts and to chat with other fans participating in the read-along.

06/01/15 – Read-Along begins
06/03/15 -- SHADE Ch 1-11 
06/05/15 -- SHADE Ch 12-18 
06/08/15 -- SHADE Ch 18 - SHIFT Ch 4
06/10/15 -- SHIFT Ch 5-12 
06/12/15 -- SHIFT Ch 13-20 
06/15/15 -- SHIFT Ch 21 - End 
06/17/15 -- SHINE Ch 1-11 
06/19/15 -- SHINE Ch 12-20 
06/22/15 -- SHINE Ch 21-32 
06/24/15 -- SHINE Ch 33- End 
06/26/15 -- BRIDGE 
06/30/15 – SHATTERED

Hope your reading schedule will allow you to join us for this fabulous event!

Created by Marissa O. (aka Bionic Elbow)

*Credit to Jennifer Strand for the post!


This is the extra push I needed to buy the Shade books and finish the series. I cannot wait for this to begin and I hope you will join us too!


  1. I wish I had the books because this sounds like fun!

    1. I wish you did too! Maybe we can read them together sometime later?


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