Friday, November 16, 2012

Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise Blog Tour: Day 1

Review, Cover Reveal of Solar, Defeated and Giveaway


It’s official. Myth is doomed.

And it’s all Chloe Clever’s fault.

Still as whacked out as ever, Chloe is now faced with an even uglier truth: Not only is she the Pythia of the Great Unknown, but she is more powerful than she ever imagined and only the manifestations of her prophetic mind can save them all now.

With her Prince boyfriend, Strafford, and the Quad Fraternity always armed and ready to annihilate the opposition, she will embark on a mission to stop a great power that could consume every god in Myth...and everyone else she’s come to love.

But the worst is still to come.

Dark, painful secrets are revealed, threatening to tear Strafford from her arms, and just when she thinks the future could not look more grim, she is betrayed in the worst way.

With the heavens crumbling down around her, she must hurry to find a way to set things right. But will she be in time to save the one she loves most in the world from a fate that may be more dangerous than her own?

About the author:
Diantha Jones was born the day thousands of turkeys sacrificed their lives to fill millions of American bellies on November 22 which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day (Her mother says she owes her a turkey). She is a Journalism graduate who wants to be a career novelist (of books, not Facebook posts). When not writing or working, she is reading on her Nook or playing the most ridiculous app games on her iPhone.

 Short and Sweet Review 
 Warning: There is a bit of a spoiler if you haven't read Prophecy of the Most Beautiful yet so beware!

I have to start off by saying that this book did not disappoint! I want to shout from the rooftops about how much I enjoyed it!  Fangirling over for a moment, Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise really was an amazing read, continuing the story from Prophecy of the most Beautiful.
We're with Chloe as she searches for her kidnapped brother, Benjy. Along with her Prince boyfriend Strafford and the band of guardians known as The Quad, they face some of their toughest challenges yet, including The Labyrinth. There's mystery, action, plenty of "snoggin'" as Ace Remedy loves to point out, an amazing look at the Greek myths and we're introduced to a ton of new characters.
I'm back to fangirling but I just can't help myself. I was so happy to have Ace back and I just can't get enough of my Irishman.
So, if you love Greek mythology, hot guys and a good mystery, then you should definitely check out Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise.



Cover Reveal of Solar, Defeated

I just gotta say that this cover is smokin' hot!

Created by: Colin F. Barnes

Before he was the guardian of the Oracle...
Before he fell in love with Chloe...
Before he was the disgraced Prince...
He was Solar, Prince of the Sun.

Coming April 23, 2013


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